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Expanding Foam Tape
25/5-12 x 5.6M

Expanding Foam Tape 25/5-12 x 5.6M
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  • Model: EXP6-25/5-12x5.6
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  • Category: Gap Size 5-12mm


Roll Width: 25mm
Suitable for Gap Sizes Between: 5-12mm
Metres per Roll: 5.6M

EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape is a self adhesive impregnated foam sealant strip which provides a high performance weather seal when compressed

Once installed EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape will expand to fill any available space creating a permanently elastic weather seal.
EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape will remain permanently elastic throughout its life and its this unique property that allows EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape to cope with the contraction and expansion cycles caused by structural and thermal movement

Inexpensive & Easy to Install
Resistant against Wind Driven Rain
Accommodates Differential Movement
No Staining, Drip Free

Technical Information
Resistance to UV & Heat Rays Class 1
Wind Driven Rain Resistance (600 pa) Class 1
Air Permeability (100 pa) Class 1
Service Temperature - -40 °C to +100 °C
Fire Classification (DIN 4102) B1 : Flame Retardant
Acoustic Performance -ISO 717-1
Download the data sheet here :- Expanding Foam Tape Techincal EXP6

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Expanding Foam Tape 25/5-12 x 5.6M

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