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Expanding Foam Tape Press Release

Builder, Architect or Home Owner?

Whoever You Are, You Need to Know About This

WE take a closer look at EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape. A cost saving, energy efficient weather seal solution that is aiding energy efficiency in both commercial and residential buildings in both new builds or restorations.

Fast proving to be invaluable to us all, Expanding Foam Tape dramatically assists in our constant fight against heat loss, especially when it comes to windows, doors and roof cavities. Traditionally we would have turned to hard setting solutions such as mortar and PU foam in a can, whilst they have their uses, soon enough they crack under the stresses of natural movement and therefore become defunct as a weather seal.


The real benefit lies within the permanently elastic properties of EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape. The tape expands and contracts as frames and joints move, this property creates a permanently elastic 600 Pa weather seal which protects against the harshest of elements including wind driven rain.

Expanding Foam Tape

FULLY APPROVED EXP6 EXPANDING FOAM TAPE Certified to BG1, DIN18542 and also approved by the Timber Frame Association. Ideally placed to meet and exceed the expectations of the new stringent building regulations for class 3, 4 and 5 builds.


There are several different base tapes to choose from. The correct tape is determined by the gap depth that requires a weather seal. The width can be slit to suit the fitting and it is recommended that the tape should be kept square to the maximum allowed expansion. Complete 600 Pa weather seals can be achieved for voids ranging from 1mm up to 42mm. With the largest tape offering a maximum expansion of 120mm Expanding Foam Tape can also be used to fill uneven voids up to this depth but only if they do not require a weather seal. It works very similar to a sponge; if you were to hold a sponge in your hand uncompressed then water simply passes through the sponge, however compress the sponge by squeezing it and the water does not pass through.


EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape arrives ready to install. There is a self adhesive acrylic film already applied to the rear of the tape. You simply unwind the tape as soon as you are ready to install (don’t do this beforehand otherwise the tape will expand and will present problems when filling your void). The tape is then inserted into the void where it then expands by itself to provide a complete weather seal even if the void is uneven. The time taken to expand varies depending on conditions; the warmer the atmosphere the quicker it expands. However if you are installing in the winter months it can take up to 24 hours to reach maximum expansion.


Due to the vast range of sizes available you will not find EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape sitting on the shelves at your local builder’s merchants. Instead you can buy direct from various manufacturers at sizes suited exactly to your specification. Further information and free technical advice can be found here;
Tel: 01440 765 510
Tel: 0870 160 9255

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